Alexander and Lily

Alexander and Lily

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lily is Talking

I can't believe my deaf baby girl is actually talking. Four months after her CI activation, Lily is saying 4 words pretty clearly. She can say meow, more, moo, and ho ho ho. She approximates several other words as well. When we ask her what the bunny does, she says "h h h" for hop hop hop; she says "uh uh uh" for up up up when she wants out of her car seat or out of her highchair or she wants me to pick her up.

Her receptive language is growing also. I think she understands a lot more than we give her credit for (I think hearing babies do too). We know that she understands "all done" because she signs it when we say it or when she sees that something is all gone. She waves when we say "bye bye," she gives us a mean look when we say "no," she gives kisses when we ask for them, she runs in the kitchen when we ask her if she wants to eat.

We got some video of her saying "more" and dancing on Christmas morning. Enjoy! Sorry for the poor quality on the dancing video.