Alexander and Lily

Alexander and Lily

Friday, July 24, 2009

Waterpark Fun

I've been taking Lily swimming at least once a week this summer so she'll get used to the water and, hopefully, not be afraid of it. This week was rainy and cloudy so Lily and I went to an indoor waterpark with Lily's Grandmommy Cindy and friends Jackie, Sam, and Sarah. It was the first time Lily got in a baby pool where she could crawl around in a few inches of water. She loved it! We'll probably try to go swimming a few more times before her surgery. . . just a few weeks away.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Crawling and Silka Wear Bonnets

Lily is finally crawling and now I can't keep her out of things! She's everywhere! As I'm writing, she crawled over to my stack of magazines and is now crumpling and tearing the pages of all of them. She has hundreds of toys and books, but she wants my magazines.

Today we got what I hope is to be our LAST pair of ear molds. Her surgery date is in about 3 weeks. I'm so very excited! We also know that activation day is August 31. That is the day I'm really looking forward to.

Lily is wearing a SilkaWear bonnet in these last pictures. They are kind of like the Hanna Andersson pilot caps I blogged about here, but much more expensive. The side panels are made of mesh to allow sound and air to circulate. Honestly, I think the Hanna Andersson caps are just as good. We decided to get the SilkaWear bonnet becasue of the elastic around the face. When Lily was scooting on her back all over the place, she would scoot the pilot cap off and then take the hearing aids out. It is a lot harder for her to scoot the SilkaWear bonnet off. Most of the time the elastic keeps the bonnet in place even when she is scooting around on her back.