Alexander and Lily

Alexander and Lily

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Things have settled down a bit around here. A few weeks ago I felt like I was in a whirlwind of appointments, insurance denials, insurance appeals, disagreements with medical professionals, etc. Now that I've written the appeal letter to insurance and the doctor has agreed to implant Lily in August, there isn't much going on. Just waiting. . .waiting to hear back from insurance, waiting for August 11 (surgery day), waiting for activation day.

In the meantime, Lily is as precious as ever. I think she's getting a little rotten with me being home everyday now. I think it's going to be harder to go back to school in the fall than it was to go back after my maternity leave. I just enjoy her so much! I keep waiting for her to crawl. She's been scooting on her back all over the place since March, but she still won't crawl. She gets on her hands and knees from sitting and rocks back and forth, but then she just falls on her belly. Then she flips over on her back and scoots until she gets to what she wants. She'll get there someday soon I hope.

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  1. As soon as she gets there, you won't be able to get her to stay in one place ;)